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Tips - How to select gifts for Corporate promotion and events


The following is a Tips for gift and premium selection for your reference.

Make Sure

First of all, you need to make sure:

  • Budget : how much you spend for corporate gift ?
  • Schedule : when is the event or gift you need ?
  • Quantity : how many target customers you want to distribute the gift ?

Different Situation 

Onec you know your budget, schedule and quantity. Then you need to evaluate what kind of gift you need. The following is some TIPS for your reference.

  1. For summer and out-door events --- Pop up fan / paper fan, umbrella is good idea.
  2. For VIP customer, seminar, open day or graduation --- Grand and luxury items is good idea. for example, ceramic mug , Parker pen , crystal , grand leather goods is good idea.
  3. For new product announce, message distributin --- meno pad , umbrella is good idea because you can print a lot of message , slogan , product information on meno pad or umbrella.
  4. For mass distribution (give away) --- plastic pen , meno pad , liquid-fill goods is good idea.
  5. For urgent events --- check the stock items
  6. For custom-make shape idea --- liquid-fill goods, die-cut meno pad is good items because of low mold charges


Furthermore, you need to understand the production time (leadtime) for mass production.

Generally, the sample lead-time is around 5~10 days,  production time is around 30 ~ 45 days. Therefore, optimal timing you start to purchase the products is 2 months before your promotion events.


Once you have idea what gift you want, you can send an enquiry to us or contact us for more information.

We shall recommend you some items to meet you budget, schedule and quantity. After you confirm the item, you will receive a drawing , and then a pre-production sample will be ready for your approval.


It is very important for you to confirm the quality and artwork. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us for more detail.

by phone: (852) 2267-9997

by e-mail:  info [at]

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