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除了各知名品牌筆 (Cross 筆, 派克筆, Waterman 筆) 之外 ,Joint-mix 更為不同客戶提供非品牌筆,我們提供三大類別的金屬筆,包括:

    • 金屬原子筆
    • 金屬走珠筆
    • 金屬多功能筆

用作公司禮品用途 ,我們提供 logo 印刷服務 , 例如絲印、雷射雕刻等,我們更提供精美禮盒給予客戶選擇。

Apart from famous brand metal pen such as Cross pen Parker pen and Waterman pen, Joint-mix also provide general non-brand metal pen for customer selection in Hong Kong.

Customers can select 3 types of metal pen as below:

    • Metal Ball Pen
    • Metal Roller Ball Pen
    • Multi-function pen

For gift and premium, Joint-mix will provide the logo imprint service such as silkscreen printing and laser engrave.  Moreover, Joint-mix also provide a gift box and packing for customer selection.

For more information, please contact us for detail.

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