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派克筆 | Parker Pen Hong Kong

Joint-mix provided range of famous brand pen more than 10 years.  We provide high quality famous brand pen including Parker, Waterman, Cross, Faber-Castell with logo design, logo silkscreen imprint, logo laser engrave and emblem to corporate, organization or goviernment.

Parker is famous throughout the world for superbly crafted writing instruments. Pens that write extraordinarily, balance perfectly in the hand, and last for a lifetime. Pens that are beautifully designed to deliver a total writing experience. A perfect balance of form and function. Only the finest materials and highly engineered manufacturing processes are used to ensure maximum performance from all Pens. A pen is trustworthy and reliable. Classically styled and yet contemporary, handsome and timeless, it is a serious pen for those who care about writing. A writing instrument that feels comfortable in the professional world and makes an ideal business gift. With its you have a writing instrument that is not just a pen, but an experience beyond words.

Joint-mix 提供各種知名產品名筆超過 10 年 , 提供高品質名筆包括派克筆、Waterman、Cross 筆、Faber-Castell 筆。作為商業禮品 VIP 禮品,我們提供專業的 Logo 設計、絲印、雷射雕刻、徽章等製作服務,提高客戶形象。 

創辦人喬冶‧派克曾是約翰荷蘭金筆公司的銷售代理。他於1889年獲得首個鋼筆相關的專利。1894年派克的"Lucky Curve"專利權得到承認,用於將鋼筆不使用時將多餘的墨水退回筆中。Lucky Curve被用於不同的形狀直至1928年。

從20年代到60年代直到原子筆得到優勢前,派克的書寫工具銷量是世上第一或第二。1931年派克創做了Quink"快速變乾墨水",用來排除弄上墨漬的必要並令Parker 51成為鋼筆發展歷史中最廣泛使用的型號

派克筆適合作為簽字筆使用,其系列包括 Vector、IM 、 Urban、 Sonnet、 Duofold

我們專為公司企業提供專業的 Logo 印刷、名字雕刻等服務 , 讓禮品更具意義


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